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Etoile Nails & Spa - Advanced Nail Care
Committed to Elegance & Perfection

Founded in 2017, Étoile Nails & Spa aspires to be the number one Nail Spa in Denver, dedicated to all aspects of spa treatments, from the latest trends in nail services to the most effective skin and nail care products. We strive to have you come as a customer, but leave as a friend.

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At Etoile Nails & Spa, our technicians are highly experienced, follow the highest level of spa sanitation and strive to give you a memorable experience.

We offer Vegan and Gluten free skincare products, as well as nail polishes. In order to keep our salon odor-free and clean we don't carry any Acrylic type of products, nor Dip Powder Gel.

At Etoile we use LED lights to cure gel products. There is no UV exposure during this process.


BAREFOOT by LCN, is a highly effective toenail correction system, comprised of an extremely elastic light-curing resin (gel) that uniquely adapts to the movements and stresses of the toe. Its special adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved even on callus layers of skin where a toenail maybe partially or mostly missing. 



Treat your feet with one of our selections of Pedicure Services. We offer a variety of relaxing and hydrating spa treatments including one of our best selling, highly effective foot care line Urea 10% by LCN for dry and cracked heels, all organic, vegan and gluten free. We also carry Footlogix® - the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line. They offer innovative products that provide effective and transformational results. We highly recommend this line to our diabetic clients.

We provide disposable bath liners for each client.


LCN's acrylic-free gel resins ensure world-class European beauty, and are perfect for nails of any length. They are thin, natural, and long lasting. All LCN gel resins are non-porous, solvent free, non toxic, non-yellowing and bio-compatible, originated from the dental industry. Therefore they don't cause any damage to the natural nails.  

This product can be used to refill acrylic nails, tips or some other artificial nails. BioGlass, Classic and The Black Diamond Gel resins are available.

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"Your nails are like jewels - don't use them like tools"


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