Booking tips:

**To book an immediate appointment (less than one hour) please call the salon. Otherwise you can book online.

**Please book your appointments accurately. Any extra services add more time on the original appointment time, and we might not be able to change, or add services, if we have other appointments booked afterwards. 

**We don’t carry and offer any acrylic products, or dip powder. But we may be able to do a rebase on acrylics, silk, GelX and on other artificial nails if they are in good conditions, using our LCN gel resins. Please call us directly.


**When you book your appointment over the phone, you will receive a text to confirm and secure your appointment with your credit card. Please do so. Any appointments that are not confirmed with a credit card, might get cancelled. 


**We don't charge your credit card in advance. But it will be charged for late cancellations, or no shows. Please call the salon directly if you are running late, or if you have a legitimate emergency and can't make the appointment.   


**You can leave your questions, comments or requests on the Booking notes when you book online. You can book your appointment easily with your favorite nail tech, by choosing his/her name.

** Call us directly if you are having a trouble booking your appointment online!