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Specialty Products - Artificial Nails



As a leading manufacturer of cosmetic nail products, the success and reputation of LCN is based on a long history of providing exciting, innovative breakthroughs to the world of cosmetic science.


LCN, a revolutionary line of light-cured products designed to seal, correct, lengthen and beautify fingernails. The first of its kind in Europe, this system provided a non-acrylic alternative to conventional nail cosmetics, providing longer lasting and infinitely more beautiful results.

All LCN Prime Gels are non-porous, solvent free, non toxic, non-yellowing and biocompatible resin, originating from the dental industry. 


bioglass 2.jpg

BIO Glass Gel contains exclusively compounds which are accepted by the human body. Bio-Glass creates a natural bond to the natural nail. Bio-Glass is not rejected by the body based on it’s special inorganic composition and therefore liftings are virtually impossible.

Decades of research have shown that bioactive glass offer a high bio-compatibility, especially in the area of cosmetics. The special ingredients complex of Bio-Glass, L-Cystein and Chitosan supports the regeneration of nails and can improve the nails structure considerably.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid and as a protein the most important element of keratin. This ingredient forms an essential part for healthy nail growth.

Chitosan is a biopolymer of naturally occurring polyamino saccarides and has a verifiable antibacterial and fungicidal effect. Therefore it is especially suitable for damaged nails as well as micro injuries to the nail bed and the groove along the nail bed caused by incorrect filing.

BGG has a subtle coloring. It is ideal for clients that likes to cover-up discolorations and damages to their nails.



Bondique Black Diamond is ideal for thin, weak and flexible nails, but is well-suited for all nail types. Infused with real black diamonds, this flexible and strong resin makes it ideal for creating a thin natural overlay or sculpting a moderate length nail. The Black Diamond Manicure also serves as a great base to any soak off gel polish, a perfect alternative for clients who are looking for longer lasting results, and need more strength.

The Black Diamond Manicure is a low maintenance system that offers up to 4 weeks of long-lasting durable beauty. The removal process is safe and does not require the use of acetone, nor drilling, making it the perfect solution for anyone wishing to avoid the use of chemicals that may irritate and dry skin and nails. The Black Diamond Manicure creates an ideal natural nail appearance that will not yellow with time. 

Nail Strengtheners 



Strengthen, Protect and Grow!
Natural Nail Boost Gel (NNBG) is a solvent-resistant permanent natural nail base coat that is designed to protect the natural nail and ensure that nails grow to be beautiful, strong and even.

In many cases women (and men) suffer from brittle, soft and flaking nail plates. Also, natural nails can be severely stressed and weakened after wearing artificial nails, dip powder and gel nails. NNBG functions like a protective shield, providing the perfect base for polish by smoothly filling grooves as well as irregularities in the nail surface.


  • Flexible & strong nails that appear more smooth, even & beautiful

  • The nail plate can regenerate itself during the application

  • The extremely thin layer of the Natural Nail Boost Gel prevents polish from staining the natural nail - even dark colors

  • Nails appear clear, vibrant & glossy


IBX is a natural nail strengthening system made to Toughen, Repair and Protect the natural nail. 

IBX is the first treatment of its kind, IBX works INSIDE the nail not on top. IBX is penetrated into the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail to itself creating an Interpenetrating Polymer Network.


  • Under Gel Polish IBX will Protect, Repair and Toughen the nail

  • For Natural Nail Growth Treatment IBX will repair and internally toughen the natural nail

  • Use on the new growth area before rebalancing gel or acrylic enhancements.

2021-IBX Certification Logo.jpg

For Toenails


The beauty industry's only pedicure-specific light curing one component resin, BAREFOOT is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result. BAREFOOT is for any woman or man who wants to cosmetically restore their toenails to a beautiful natural state. It is still flexible after curing and adjusts to the movement of the nails and feet - completely comfortable and natural.

Once BAREFOOT has been applied it can be treated the same way as a natural toenail, which means it can be filed and polished using standard or gel nail polish which can also be removed in the normal way, without damage to your new nail. 


BAREFOOT contains and AM factor Piroctone Olimine to protect against external influences and support the health of the natural nail. It is effective on scaly nail surfaces, for correcting ridges and deformations, for hiding discoloration, for lengthening toenails and for protecting growing toe nails. 


No Odor, no Discoloration
Once BAREFOOT has been cured under a LED light, the material is completely cured and will not change. 

No Primer/Chemical Activator
LCN BAREFOOT requires no aggressive acidic primers which damage the natural nail plate. 

No Damage to the Natural Nail
As the gel cures to a flexible surface, it will not damage or hinder the natural nail growth. 

Non Porous
Neither moisture nor air can penetrate the material. 

*Note: BAREFOOT is not intended for medical use nor to treat, prevent or cure mycotic or fungal nails. BAREFOOT, like all cosmetic products, should not be applied to mycotic or fungal nails.


BAREFOOT can be applied only on healthy, normal, intact and non-contagious nail bed. If you suffered from any contagious nail disease and received a treatment for it, we require a letter from a physician that give us a permission to perform this service. Therefore we highly recommend to call and set up an appointment for consultation prior to the service.



The revolutionary B/S Brace procedure to correct and remedy abnormal curvature of the nail was developed as a non-surgical solution for painful toenails over 25 years ago by the German chiropodist Berndt Stolz, and has evolved into a modern day nail treatment that is not only easy to apply but safe for all clients, including diabetics and seniors.

Perfect for you if you have excessively curved toenails that are painful and sensitive to the touch from:

  • Narrow fitting toe pinching shoes

  • Involuted, pincer, or ram horn nails

  • Toenails prone to having ingrown issues 

Nail Bracing is corrective technique that eliminates and reduces excessive pressure at the lateral nail edge. Bracing allows the nail to return to its original shape, but depending on the severity of the curvature it can take from a couple to several braces to fix the problem.

  • B/S Brace is made of Duroplast, which is strengthened with Fiberglass. It can correct and lift the shape of a toenail for up to 5mm on the sides.   

  • B/S Brace cannot be applied on unhealthy nail with fungal infection, psoriasis etc., or on a nail that is separated from the nailbed. 

  • This service cannot be provided in conjunction with pedicure service, or any other products like oil and lotion. Toenail has to be clean and dry. If a client has a lacquer or gel polish on the toe, it has to be removed a day or two before the service. It's suggested to receive a pedicure service a couple of days before getting a BS brace. Clients can get a regular nail lacquer after the brace is applied.   

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