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**To book an immediate appointment (less than one hour) please call the salon. Otherwise you can book online.

Service Menu


Etoile Classic Manicure / w classic pedicure combo:   $20 / $55   

Our regular manicure service. Soak nails in warm water, trim the nails, file & shape, clean cuticles, exfoliate, reflexology massage and polish.

Gel Manicure / w classic pedicure combo:   $40 / $75

Classic Manicure with choice of OPI, Shellac, or LCN gel polishes.

Vegan Classic Manicure:  $25

Classic mani with LCN Lemon sugar scrub and white tea cream, finished with the choice of vegan polish. It’s all Vegan; Gluten & Paraben free.


Organic Spa Mani:   $35 

Classic mani + with your choice of LCN Anti Age Spa, or Green Tea treatment, reflexology massage with deep hydrating massage cream and polish.

Polish Change on nails:  w regular polish  $12

Trim the nails, file and polish.


Etoile Classic Pedicure:  $40

Our regular pedicure service. Soak feet, trim the nails, file, clean cuticles and calluses, exfoliate, reflexology massage and regular polish.

Classic Pedicure with gel color:    $55   

Classic pedicure with choice of OPI, Shellac and LCN Gel colors

Urea 10% Foot Care Pedicure:  $60

The highly effective foot care range with urea, which thanks to its moisture-binding property reduces calluses, renews skin cells and restores the natural protective function of the skin.

Seasonal Spa Pedi (vegan):  $55

Classic pedi + Choose one of Voesh Pedi in a box, enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs. It's Vegan; Gluten & Paraben Free, 6-Free Formula for safe skincare, and comes with reflexology massage with hot stones

Organic Spa Pedi (vegan):  $70

Soak in powerful  antioxidants to preserve younger looking skin, fight free radical damage and promote overall health. This Spa comes with choice of Green Tea, Purissima or Red Wine Leaf Vinotherapy treatments; 10 min reflexology massage with deep hydrating massage cream, aromatic massage oil and hot stones.

Mini Pedicure:  $30

Soak feet, trim nails, file, clean cuticles and calluses, polish. Mini pedi excludes exfoliating and massage 

Polish Change on toes:  $15

Trim nails, file shape and polish.

Additional Reflexology Massage with hot stone:

You can request an additional reflexology massage with hot stones with any full pedicure services.

10 min:  $10

15 min:  $15

Artificial Nails   (by appointment only) 

LCN BioGlass Gel New Set:  $90

BioGlass Gel Rebase:  from $60

BIO Glass Gel is one of LCN's newest products, and it is ideal for long extensions; for clients with damaged nails, or with lifting problems. BioGlass gel contains exclusively compounds which are accepted by the human body. Bio-Glass creates a natural bond to the natural nail. The special ingredients complex of Bio-Glass, L-Cystein and Chitosan supports the regeneration of nails and can improve the nails structure considerably.

LCN Classic Gel New Set for short extensions:  $75

Classic Gel Rebase:  from $45

Acrylic-free Gel creates gorgeous, thin, most natural looking nails. All LCN Prime Gels are non-porous, solvent free, non toxic, non-yellowing and bio-compatible resin, originating from the dental industry. It is environmentally clean, no odor, no drilling, doesn't require a new set every few months! 

LCN resin can be sculpted and extended at any length. Recommended for short extensions.

The Black Diamond Manicure:  $50 - $70

Bondique Black Diamond is ideal for thin, weak and flexible nails, but is well-suited for all nail types. This flexible resin can be used to create a thin natural overlay or from short to a moderate length sculpted nails.

No soaking, no drilling, and it's better and healthier than Dip Powder Nails.

LCN Barefoot Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction (by appointment only)

Great toe (per):  $50- $99

The price vary on a size of area need to be reconstructed. This service comes with Mykosept, a must-use home care product for Barefoot. Prior consultation recommended.

Additional toe:  $20 each

Add-on Nail Services and Treatments 

Add Natural Nail Boost Gel:  $20

Add IBX Nail Treatment:  $5 - 15

Add Paraffin treatment on hands:  $10

Add OPI/Shellac/LCN Gel: on fingers  $20,  on toes  $15 

OPI Infinite Shine Polish:  $5

French:  $5 

Chrome design / nail design:  $5 - 15 

Add Cat Eye/ magnet design:  $10

Gel Polish Removal:  $5 -10

Dip Powder Removal: $10 - 15

Acrylic/Artificial Nails Removal: $20 - 25

Chair Massages 

Chair Massage

Enjoy Back and Shoulder reflexology massage by our nail techs while drying your nails.

10 min:  $15

15 min:  $20

Kids Menu

Girls under 7:

Polish change  $5

Mani  $10

Pedi   $20

Girls 8-12:   

Polish change nails/toes:  $8 / $10

Mani  $12

Pedi   $25

Teens 13-16:    

Polish change nails/toes:  $10 / $12

Mani  $15

Pedi   $30

Gel Mani  $35

Kids Add-Ons:

Design:  $5-10

Add Voesh Spa:  $15



We don’t offer any type of artificial nails for girls under the age of 18



Eyebrow and Design  $15

Includes brow wax and tweezing

Lip Wax  $10

Chin  $15

Lip and Chin  $22

Jaw Line  $20

Face  $40

Includes jaw line, chin, lips

Half arms  $25

Under arms  $20

Lower legs  $40

Toe waxing  $5

Touch-ups  $5-10 

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